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Rope Jumping is a resourceful exercise, it is amusing plus it is a great way to increase coordination, physical fitness, and to cross-train for other sports. Long-term skipping rope can built body and be benefit to wisdom, train your bounce, speed, equilibrium, endurance and explosive ability. It promotes perseverance, synchronization jump strength and creativity in children, young people and adults.


> Prevent stomach diseases and symptoms such as fat, insomnia, arthritis, and nerve pain.

> Medical experts also think that skip rope has important action to activate minds.

> The whole body movement when skip rope and the stimulate of hand holding rope to thumb acupuncture point can greatly enhance the caution of brain cells, improve the thought and imagination, so skip rope is also the best choice to care brain.

> It is the BEST exercise to rid your body of “cellulite” especially in the lower body.

> It is the BEST exercise to reshape and make your calves and ankles smaller.

> It is one of the only exercises that can help eliminate “saddle bags” by jumping with certain techniques/footwork.

> It burns more calories than most aerobic activities like walking, jogging, etc.

> It can stream line your upper body and trim the fat away on your arms (triceps).

> By using the jump rope you can improve your footwork for any sport or leisure activity you participate in, especially racquet sports, skiing, basketball, football, cricket and soccer.

> Above all, the confidence you will gain through mastering the jump rope will carry over to sports fitness, and every aspect of your life.


> Do not jump on concrete, cement, asphalt, marble, or wood lay over cement, since these surfaces do not give, they can lead to knee, ankle, shin, and back pain.

> Make sure to wear proper footwear, preferably cross-trainers (avoid running shoes) to minimize soreness in the foot area.

> Your feet should only come 1-2” off the ground–jumping rope is not a high impact exercise it is low impact.

> The jump rope only swings 8-12” over your head – you do not need a lot of ceiling height.

> Do not be dismayed by soreness in the arches of the feet when you start working out with the jump rope.

> Ideally you should maintain 125-175 revolutions per minute (RPM’S) when jumping.